Why do I choose WordPress?

I love WordPress!  It’s versatile, well supported and open-source.  Shopify, Wix, Squarespace and entirely custom-coded websites have their place, but I don’t like them.  I like using WordPress.  And here’s why.


Ooh I love me some freedom! But seriously, WordPress provides so much freedom to create. You can literally build a website to look and behave however you like. Pretty easily when you know which tools to use and can tap out a bit of code.

I gave Shopify and Squarespace a try and I found them limiting and it frustrated me. To DIY a site as a startup keeping it cheap with no knowledge of making websites then they are great. But when building a bespoke website designed to exact specifications then WordPress is the best choice.

WordPress allows freedom to create.


When I first got into websites I can’t even tell you how many conversations I had with barfalicious “coders” that looked down on me and my love for WordPress. You know the ones – male, white, forty-something, below-average, butt-heads. They mansplained to me how WordPress was for amateurs and they didn’t use it since they first started learning to code in the 90s. Instead they built their own CMS (Content Management System) using their incredible programming skills. They’d be happy to give me some help. BARF!

No need to start from scratch.

Why reinvent the wheel? Why do work that someone else has already done? And done really well – much better than you could. You wouldn’t. WordPress is a really great CMS and it comes with so much already done. Not only that but there are some great plugins that exist to do evebn more of the work for you – like page builders and SEO plugins and a bunch of other cools shit. No need to write each line of code and create an entire site from scratch. What a waste of time! And I hate my time being wasted.

Build onto a really great base.

FREE TO USE (mostly)

Unlike Shopify or Squarespace, WordPress (.org) is free to use. In the long run this saves money. Especially being a business in South Africa. Those Shopify fees in dollars really add up and cute into profit margins. I pay for a selection of premium plugins that I use to build sites in WordPress. They make my job easier and more efficient and they make it easier for clients to handle their own sites going forward. I pay for these plugins as the developer and the cost is not passed on to the client. So although the initial investment in a professionally built WordPress site is higher than a DIY Squarespace site, the long-term cost benefits are higher.


Brochure sites, ecommerce sites selling ceramics or tickets to events, membership sites selling subscriptions, portfolio sites, blogs, combos of the above and whatever else you can think of!  Unlike Shopify and its cousins, WordPress isn’t limited to a specific niche. It’s been going for a long time, it’s well supported and it’s full of options for any kind of business.

Whatever you need to do, you can do.


Latest stats say that 30% of the internet is WordPress. That means that more than 1 on every 4 websites on the internet is powered by WordPress. That’s a lot.

Sometimes popularity is good. It means lots of people choose it because they think it’s the best option and it means it’s well-supported.

Popularity means it's well-liked (and for a reason).


This is msot defintiely my favourite thing about WordPress, so it bears repeating. You can make whatever you want. Whatever design, functionality and purpose you need – you can get. Compared to the other “website systems” out there, the flexibility is unrivalled.

You can build the design you want.

I love WordPress. It’s the best to bring designs to life. I’m not limited by obscured code and lack of options. I’m not held back by poor functionality and unsupported platforms. I can create freely and build the site you design and that your clients need.


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