Should you enable comments?

Whether or not to enable comments on your posts is something that you need to consider when building a WordPress website with a blog.  This is a tough question and there are about the same number of people on each side of the argument. In the end it comes down to personal choice, how much time and energy you have to give your blog and what the purpose of your website is.

The comments are another place to engage with potential customers and create a community. Your posts can get people thinking and talking and that’s good. Having comments enabled on your posts invites readers to interact with you. If you have them enabled you should end off asking people to let you know what they think, to tell you their own stories and to ask questions. This gives you the opportunity to engage in a meaningful way and have a conversation.

Get talking with your community.

But it also means you have to keep on it and moderate and reply. If you are barely managing to keep an active blog (at least one post per month) then you definitely shouldn’t have post comments enabled. You will need to log in to the backend of your website at least once a week (but it’s better if you do it every day) to moderate comments and either send them to spam or allow then to show up on your site and then also reply to each and every one of them. 

The interaction that you have here with your audience is about as time consuming as that of social media channels like Facebook or Instagram. If you are a busy entrepreneur without a team behind you then you most likely don’t have the time necessary to dedicate to this aspect of your marketing. But if your blog is an important part of your site and the main feature of what you are doing, then you most likely have the time to spend dealing with comments. If blogging is the primary focus of your site then you will probably also really enjoy reading people’s comments and interacting with them in this format.

There's also the problem of not having enough comments.

The more comments there are on a post then the more people in turn comment on that post. Humans like to be a part of something and so we like what other people like.  As much as we think we are unique snowflakes, we are very easily swayed by the crowd. It’s why Instagram’s algorithms rank content more highly on the home-feed if it has more comments.

The more comments something has on it, the more valuable it must be. So if you diligently post great content on your blog, but nobody comments on it, then you don’t really want to advertise that fact to everyone else reading your posts. Having no comments on almost all your posts doesn’t look very good – it seems like nobody else is reading the post and that nobody has anything to say about it. That makes what you have to say seem less valuable and less interesting.

But why are you writing these blog posts?

  • Does your blog simply serve to drive traffic to your site (hello SEO)?
  • Does it provide you (and so your business) with credibility as it allows you to share your knowledge and position you as an expert in your field?
  • Is your blog the main purpose of your site where you share information and insight into your life and around which a community will naturally develop?

If your blog is to drive traffic (either through social shares or organic SEO) then comments aren’t necessary and will most likely just be a huge pain to deal with. If your posts are to allow you to share your knowledge and help position you as an expert then a neglected comments section could actually detract from your credibility. If your blog is the main focus of your site then the comments will be a logical part of each post and it will encourage the growth of a community which will naturally develop around your online presence.

You probs don't need to enable comments.

You should now have a bit more clarity on whether or not you should enable comments on your blog posts. I personally don’t have them enabled (as you can see) and I like it that way. The websites that I make are, for the most part, small business sites selling services or products and so comments are also not necessary. If you aren’t sure what to do, rather disable them and have one less thing to worry about.


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