And now for some cats on glass tables

A wonderful, curated exploration of some of the internet’s finest “cats on glass tables” masterpieces for your viewing pleasure.

Look at this majestic fluffball.  Gaze upon the squished legs and feet that seem so ridiculously smol.

Sphinx pose for this classic beauty.  Just look how silly those back legs look.

Another classic loaf for this ginger biscuit.

Wonderfully lined up feetsies and a perfectly curled tail create this elegant curved marvel.

Curious table cat.

Flattened chubster with the littlest feet all squished into that dense floof.

Double trouble!

Just look at those toe beans, belly roll and semi-loaf coming together to create this majestic image.

Cheek squish.

Well that’s one minute of your life you’ll never get back.  Now go do some work!


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