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“Amy did an exceptional job on my website. She was quick and efficient and talked me through the various technical aspects of the site with ease. I now have a website I love, thanks to Amy.”
Caitlin Martin
freelance editor
“Great customer service! Efficient and easy to work with.”
Keaton Forrest
ISP network manager
“Professional, helpful and friendly."
Gwyneth Gosling
estate agency principal
“I've tried to set up my own site before using those do-it-yourself websites, but could never get the look and feel I wanted. Amy has put together the exact webiste I was going for and she has been very reliable in delivering what she said she would. I highly recommend her.”
Kyle Bowes-Taylor
personal trainer and S&C specialist
“Amy made the whole process of getting a webiste so simple. It was great to know that she had the knowledge and experience to do what I was fumbling through. She is helpful and approachable. I was very happy with her service and the end product of my website.”
Melissa Poorter
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the professional - R12000
the business - R8000
the basic - R3000